Calming Treats 3-Pack


  • Caring for Your Friend: Bring your friendly pup the calm he needs during separation, storms, grooming or travel with tasty calming treats for dogs that promote normal body functioning.
  • Natural Formula: Enjoy all the benefits of the powerful blend: valerian root, l-theanine, hamp oil, vitamins and melatonin for dogs. These ingredients help your pet stay calm & healthy.
  • No More Aggressive Behavior: Hemp calming chews for dogs help deal with behavioral issues such as excessive barking, chewing, licking, biting. They support relaxation bringing comfort to the dog’s body and mind.
  • No More Fears: Hemp chews for dogs support calmness even during changing routines. Whether a car ride, storm, or holiday fireworks, dog calming chews will help your lovely friend get over the worries and feel comfortable.
  • Yummy Treats: No need to hide dog sleeping pills in dog food – our calming bites for dogs have a delicious duck flavor that your dog will eat with pleasure. They are suitable for all sizes, breeds, and ages.

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